Hi, I’m Kyra –

the website witch


Web designer, tarot creator, astrologer, yoga teacher & homeschool mama.

I’ve been making websites since I was a kid – yes, I was THAT nerd who went on summer camps to learn how to code 🤣

Because I find it so easy to make websites, it took me a while to realise that most people actually DON’T know how to make websites.

A friend mentioned she was struggling with website issues, and I casually mentioned some tips. Soon after, she booked me in to redesign her entire website, and I realised I have a hidden talent as web designer.

Yoga teacher & homeschool mama by day, website creator by night.

It started when I went on a summer camp to learn HTML coding back in 2000. I became hooked on making websites!

By the time I was 15, I had created an epic website for myself. My friends were in awe!  It played music, looked pretty, and I even started my own blog.

A few years later, and I began to actually get paid for website work. I learnt about SEO (you know, how to get your website to show up prominently on Google), and I did freelance jobs while staying home with my babies.

I continued to create websites for myself & my various side hustles over the years, but didn’t give much thought to it…

Until I realized that not everyone knows how to make their own website.

That business owners are struggling with their online presence & making online sales because they don’t have a website.

So, I realized – I can help you!

I combine my 23 years of website development experience with intuitive astrological branding & business coaching to create soul-aligned websites.

Your own fully-customizable home on the internet, where anyone can easily find you.

I create websites using WordPress (in particular, I love using the Divi theme for beautiful website designs!). I particularly love making websites for spiritual entrepreneurs, healers & intuitives.

When creating the branding for your business, I often incorporate astrology into the process. By tuning into this energy, you can easily tap into the most aligned colours, imagery & fonts for your business.

I love being able to showcase your spiritual business in a soul-aligned website, using your astrological blueprint to guide the process.

Create your soul aligned website

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